After the Study

The design phase specifies how technology will be used to address the needs of the enterprise. If circumstances permit, the design phase may be tightly coupled to the construction phase, through a succession of prototypes and refinements. If this was not possible, the design documents and repository will then be the basis for construction of the system. This is followed by transition of the enterprise to use the new system, and ultimately the putting of it into production.

This project will produce the specifications for a new system, including its data base design, module design, and menu design. It will provide a consistent view of the system by users, and will make it possible for builders to be thorough in addressing all aspects of its operation.

Essential Strategies, Inc. consultants have helped many organizations develop systems, both in the US and abroad. The techniques employed have been used successfully by hundreds of consultants working on thousands of projects. We believe that Essential Strategies, Inc. consultants using these techniques can design a versatile and robust system that will meet your requirements for many years to come.