Now you can develop a true, conceptual E/R model using UML

This book has two audiences: David Hay's objective is to finally bring these two groups together in peace. Here all modelers will receive guidance on how to produce a high quality (that is, readable) entity/relatinshp model to describe the data architecture of an organization. The notation involved happens to be the one for class models in the Unified Modeling Language, even though UML was originally developed to support object-oriented design. Designers have a different view of the world from those who develop business-oriented conceptual data models, which means that to use UML for architectural modeling requires some adjustments. These adjustments are described in this book.
David Hay is the author of Enterprise Model Patterns: Descriing the World, a comprehensive model of a generic enterprise. The diagrams were at various levels of abstraction , and they were all rendered in the slightly modified version of UML Class Diagrams presented here. This book is a handbook to describe how that was done. By way of background, an appendix provides a history of the two groups, revealing the sources of their diffferent attitudes toward the system development process.


If you are an old-school ER modeler and now find yourself having to come up to speed on UML to get that next job (or to keep the current one), this is your guidebook to success. If you are a long time object oriented programmer who has to interact with data modelers, this book is for you too. David has done the hard work of mapping out how to do a logical entity relationship model using standard (and accepted) UML diagram components. This book shows you step-by-step, with ample examples, how to get from here to there with the least pain possible for all concerned.
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