In 1995, David Hay published Data Model Patterns: Conventions of Thought.—the groundbreaking book on how to use standard data models to describe the standard business situations. Enterprise Model Patterns: Describing the World builds on the concepts presented there, adds 15 years of practical experience, and presents a more comprehensive view.

From this book, you will learn how to apply both abstract and concrete aspects of your enterprise’s architectural data model, through four levels of abstraction. Note that the models make use of a revolutionary new approach to the Uniform Modeling Language (UML). For the first time a version is available not just for representing object-oriented design, but also for representing a conceptual, business-oriented model. This requires 5 steps: This is not the UML that your object-oriented colleagues know, but it is a reasonable notation for presenting a conceptual entity/relationship diagram. And just as the conceptual e/r model can be converted to a database design, so too can it be converted to a more conventional object-oriented design.

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