At last! A Conceptual Enterprise Model for the Information Industry!
Data Model Patterns: A Metadata Map, by David C. Hay, President of Essential Strategies, Inc., presents a data model for a metadata repository that is both comprehensive and comprehensible.
Beginning with the following definition of metadata... ...Dave Hay then procedes to describe--comprehensively--a meta-model not only for data, but also for the activities, locations, people and organizations, timing, and motivation that constitute the other dimensions of a enterprise and its systems. Organized around his version of John Zachman's enterprise architecture framework, the model encompasses those dimensions for the business owner's, the architect's, and the designer's perspectives on metadata.
In addition to being comprehensive, Dave Hay's presentation is meticulously crafted to introduce the reader to the model a little bit at a time. All terms used are known to the readers, so it is simply a matter of building the model carefully to make sure that it is understood.

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