The complete guide to requirements analysis for every system analyst and project team member!

Thousands of software projects are doomed from the start because they're based on a faulty understanding of the business problem that must be solved. The solution is effective requirements analysis. In Requirements Analysis: From Business Views to Architecture, David C. Hay, President of Essential Strategies, Inc., gives you a comprehensive overview of the world's best requirements analysis practices, organized coherently to help you choose and execute the best approach for every project. Based on Mr. Hay's version of John Zachman's Framework for Information Systems Architecture, the book takes the position that requirements analysis is the process of consolidating a collection of "business views" of the business into a single, coherent, "architect's view". In the process, you gain a full understanding of the true components of the enterprise's architecture.
Practical solutions will help you: Requirements Analysis: From Business Views to Architecture provides the complete process of defining an architecture-so that you can build a rock-solid foundation for your next software project.

Introductory chapters describe the framework and the process of defining requirements. Each successive chapter then describes models for one column in the Architecture Framework: Data (what), activities (how), people and organizations (who), locations (where), events and schedules (when), and motivation (why). These models represent the business owners' views and the architect's view of the respective column.
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